Any 30 day challenge

This is how I feel navigating the whole blog thing, I may not know how to do it all that well, but I’ll enjoy myself for the month.

30 posts in 30 days is harder than I thought. I decided on Nov 1st to try blogging so 30 posts in 30 days is what it was. Usually 30 days is a good round number for me.  I reckon trying something on for 30 days is the way to go.  You figure out if you like something, if its a novelty, you push through as you hit a wall, come out the other side and you’ve likely learned something.  By the time day 30 hits, I take a three day break. This is key for me.  It’s during that time, that I know if I’ll maintain whatever it is that I’ve tried. It’s a three day hiatus, for me to decide if I want to make it part of my lifestyle, or if it was just good enough to have tried it. Just long enough to miss it, but just short enough that I don’t slip out of the habit.

I tried a 30 day yoga challenge in 2012, and enjoyed it so much that when a friend of mine decided to do one just one day before i finished mine, i joined her.  Doing the challenge was a revelation for me, and that was part of the turning point in realising that yoga was going to become a lifestyle change more than exercise.

I needed to clean up my language, so I tried 30 days without swearing.  That. was. impossible. I failed almost daily, but I did cut down a heck of a lot. That challenge taught me that sometimes I should be more realistic with the parameters I set around a challenge.  Maybe I should have just aimed to cut down on the swears.

30 day challenges for me, are a source of fun, and a good way for me to try and accomplish something.


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