Listen: David Dallas Falling into place

Not exactly hot off the presses or any sort of an inside scoop. But if you enjoy hip hop, have a listen to David Dallas’ latest release, Falling into place, I’m pretty sure it’s been out for at least two weeks and it’s in heavy rotation at our house.

Since being in Auckland, I’ve had the opportunity to see David Dallas live.  He legitimately seems humble to be on stage and looks like he’s having as much fun as you are.  The first event I saw him at was a summer music festival, on a big stage. The next time I saw him was at his album release last month, held in a skate shop on High St. in the CBD, pretty awesome how intimate the gig was.  The next time we’ll see will likely be in March when he opens for Eminem, we’re pretty excited.

“Dallas doesn’t brag, or boast. He doesn’t say he’ll be that guy to crack the U.S. from the Antipodean hip hop ranks. But he’ll chip away, and he’s made an album that should bring him to a wider fanbase.”

Check out  what else Billboard had to say and listen to the stream of the album.





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