EAT: a few of my fave lunch spots

I work right in the heart of the Auckland CBD and I thought I would do a quick round up of my favourite spots to eat within a five minute walk of my work.

Favourite lunch spots: 

  •  Kushi pretty much japanese is my default for all food. I can never get enough of it, nor do i want to, and i just love the crispy tofu bento box and I’ve shared the crispy agedashi tofu box with a friend, and gotten a few extra pieces of sushi on the side.
  • The Don, probably one of the best donburri places close to my work – sorry there are no good web links to share for this awesome lunch spot.
  • Elliot Stables, the variety is just so great, and it doesn’t feel like you’re in a food court.
  • Revive, the portions are good and nourishing
  • Sheinkin, I just can’t get enough of their salads, particularly the feta salad, it is just so indulgent.

Favourite Snack stops:


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