last post for the month

30 posts in 30 days and i did it.

Not so sure I’ll do this challenge again anytime soon.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I talk a lot about yoga, because right now I’m really into it
  • I need to sharpen my photography skills (ooohhh I’ll add that to my list of things to try out next year)
  • I find it hard to strike the right balance of ‘my voice’.  I don’t want to be preachy, I don’t want to be inauthentic, I don’t want to over-share
  • I never remember to take pictures of recipes as I’m making them and as a result I am not sharing as many recipes as i would like
  • I like posting, but not daily.  At this stage that is too demanding
  • I need to learn more about blogging and wordpress ( I never did figure out how to put the NaBloPoMo widget on the side of my blog)
  • That you can have a shitty month and a good month back to back and you have to want to change from one to the other, it won’t happen on its own
  • It’s really nice to keep a record of what is happening, because it’s easy to forget and it’s easy to take your own time/life for granted.



make your own #nohumbug challenge

Last week on the lululemon blog, they posted the #nohumbug challenge. I didn’t know about it until Friday.

I really liked the idea of the list, and I’ll likely do the list, but with my own twist. I’m not interested in all the challenges, and I’m not interested in doing them as they’ve prescribed. I’d rather do the ones I like, and change the ones that don’t suit me to something a bit more practical, like I probably won’t have an eggnog cocktail, but I’m likely to have a candy cane cocktail.

So far, I’ve spread the #nohumbug challenge, found a new way to get sweaty and secretly topped up someone’s parking.

Tomorrow I’ll give the list my own makeover, and maybe I’ll post it here.

The list is a great way to do activities with your kids or partner or friends.

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this blogging thing.

My first foray into blogging and I decided to do 30 blogs in 30 days and the first notification I saw from wordpress was to participate in NaBloPoMo, so I did. I signed up through BlogHer.
Best part about NaBloPoMo has been my favourite mistake. I didn’t know anything about tagging posts, but I did know about hashtagging tweets (you can see where I’m going with this). So I hashtagged my first tag, #NaBloPoMo, and quickly realized that was not the way to do it.  Well it has taken me until today, to figure out how to fix my awesome faux-pas. 
I was incredibly frustrated with myself when I first realized what I had done, and started giving myself hard a time about it. But as the days went on, I told myself, keep tagging as it is, and when you have a minute try and figure out how to fix it, after that. It was good to remind myself to be patient, since then every time I tagged it incorrectly, it just made me smile and this is why I started the blog, to make mistakes and to learn.
I’ve updated all my posts with the correct tag now, and I’m extremely satisfied that I finally figured it out. Now to tackle the next pressing issue, how to add the badge to my blog. It looked simple enough, but I just don’t know how to do it. I’m still trying to figure my way around wordpress, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Any 30 day challenge

This is how I feel navigating the whole blog thing, I may not know how to do it all that well, but I’ll enjoy myself for the month.

30 posts in 30 days is harder than I thought. I decided on Nov 1st to try blogging so 30 posts in 30 days is what it was. Usually 30 days is a good round number for me.  I reckon trying something on for 30 days is the way to go.  You figure out if you like something, if its a novelty, you push through as you hit a wall, come out the other side and you’ve likely learned something.  By the time day 30 hits, I take a three day break. This is key for me.  It’s during that time, that I know if I’ll maintain whatever it is that I’ve tried. It’s a three day hiatus, for me to decide if I want to make it part of my lifestyle, or if it was just good enough to have tried it. Just long enough to miss it, but just short enough that I don’t slip out of the habit.

I tried a 30 day yoga challenge in 2012, and enjoyed it so much that when a friend of mine decided to do one just one day before i finished mine, i joined her.  Doing the challenge was a revelation for me, and that was part of the turning point in realising that yoga was going to become a lifestyle change more than exercise.

I needed to clean up my language, so I tried 30 days without swearing.  That. was. impossible. I failed almost daily, but I did cut down a heck of a lot. That challenge taught me that sometimes I should be more realistic with the parameters I set around a challenge.  Maybe I should have just aimed to cut down on the swears.

30 day challenges for me, are a source of fun, and a good way for me to try and accomplish something.