I haven’t been home to Canada since May 2011, however my parents, my sister, her husband and my nephew along with a number of my international friends all came to NZ in Feb 2012.  So it didn’t feel like a big deal at the time.

I had every intention of coming home again in August 2013, but life being what it is had other plans, and my husband’s brother got married in August, inevitably delaying my flight home (best reason ever though, both my brother-in-law and his wife are wonderful people and I’m so pleased to have shared their special day with them).

So it’s no surprise that since August, I’ve been itching to get home to Canada, but when? I could have booked flights for November, after my husband’s final university exams, but winter in Toronto is a little bit harsh, so that takes out all the winter months, and the earliest to go is March, which is pretty iffy in terms of weather. To add another element of life in the mix, my husband turns 30 at the end of March, and I’m pretty sure we discussed Las Vegas birthday plans at some point.

We recently booked our flights home, and I was so happy, excited, that I could’ve cried. I can’t wait, we leave just in time for the husband’s birthday, and we’ll celebrate in Las Vegas as planned, then we head to Vancouver for a few days, before we’re lucky enough to get to home, Toronto.

I miss my family so much and I do make the most of all the modern ways to stay in touch, but sometimes when my husband asks what I’d like to do this weekend, my answer is simple but impossible.  I want to hang out at my sister’s house on a Friday night having chats with her and her husband and playing with my niece (who I have yet to meet) and my nephew. On the Saturday I want to tag along with my parents and all the chores they’re doing and just help out and make them dinner.

Those are two things I’m looking forward to the most, when we visit home.



Cookbooks I’m drawing inspiration from reguarly or cooking straight out of.

It’s all good check it out here

While this book has been skewered, I really don’t get why. Overall it promotes a whole food diet. Less with the packaged trash and more with whole foods that we all know is the best way to eat. No book is perfect, and yes this books makes me roll my eyes and giggle a bit, but that’s happening at the non recipe stuff. The recipes though, you can’t really fault them. I’ve tried a handful, stir fried brow rice with nori and black sesame, red smoothie, all three beet salad suggestions, black and guacamole tacos, plus some others and I keep coming up with winners. My favourite part though, is her basic recipes section.  She has amazing recipes to make your own pickled jalapenos, Lee’s Sriracha, roasted tomato and chipotle salsa

The real food chef check it out here

Dr. Libby Weaver is all kinds of awesome. I was lucky enough for this book to be given to me as a gift, and it really just keeps on giving. Again, I’ve tried a handful of recipes brain balls, roasted vegetable frittata muffins, banana, berry, coconut smoothie, nut butter muffins, chocolate seed balls, pad thai chicken (and a tofu version), and I just adore the dressings and condiment section. The recipes have yet to fail me. Dr. Libby has a new book that has recently come out, The Real Food Kitchen, and I’m number one on the wait list for the book at the library, and I’m super excited to borrow it!

The spunky coconut dairy-free ice cream – check it out here

The top most review of this book on good reads wrote something to the effect that she preferred the book, Vegan a la mode. It’s funny because I borrowed that book and this book from the library at the same time. I returned Vegan a la mode without any interest in any of the recipes, however during my loan period from the library, I went ahead and ordered the Spunky book for myself. It was exactly what I was after. I absolutely love the book. I had bought an ice cream maker and it had sat in the house for at least a month without any use. As soon as I read this book, I was completely inspired and before too long, I was whipping up my own ice cream. I’ve had the ice cream maker packed away for winter, however, it’s coming out next weekend! Hurrah!

Cornucopia – check it out here

I don’t know why exactly, but this is a cookbook that I usually break out in winter and usually on a Sunday.  It’s a wonderful book, choc full of recipes that always fill me up, in that way you want a winter meal to fill you.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but you should have a read.