note to self

so right after I finish doing nothing.... i'll get started

so right after I finish doing nothing…. i’ll get started

there are a few new things I want to try out for 2014: (in no particular order)

  • Circus arts classes – I tried a couple of classes out this year and enjoyed them. I would like to dedicate at least one solid term to circus arts
  • Trampoline sessions – I’ve wanted to try out some freestyle trampoline sessions for a few years and keep on putting it off.  So i figured next year, I should just make it happen
  • Sew something – all i know is how to sew a button onto my clothes, and it’s not even that tidy. I’d like to learn how to make something, anything.
  • Woodwork – I am crap at anything that is at all design like and I would like to try and make something practical. So I’d like to explore options to either teach myself or take a class and learn how to make something out of wood.
  • Learn a language with my husband. The default would be to do french, because I know elementary school french and I love the language.  Biggest flaw in this plan, is that I haven’t even talked about it with my husband yet.

random ideas that have just popped up:

  • learn to sing
  • learn to draw

I have to refer back to this post by the end of January and come up with a plan to make this happen and see how realistic it is to take on so many new things.  Maybe 2014 is about exploring the options and map out how to make it happen.


Keep perspective, do a stocktake

Last year in December, my husband and I moved up to Auckland, this was a big deal for a number of different reasons. We moved to the North Island, after living in the South Island for six years. We left our family, friends, our jobs, and everything that was familiar to us, but we needed the change.

We were both positive about the move, because we were ready for it and being positive about change makes change feel better. I believe that once you make a decision that you know to be good for you, embrace it.  Sometimes change can feel difficult or scary, or make you feel out of your depth. When I feel like that, I do my best to remember that it was our choice to move, so we should have fun and try to enjoy.

Having the right perspective helped us with our move, because we did feel some of those things, and at times, when things were difficult, as we were trying to establish our routines, flat hunting, navigating our way to the grocery store, dealing with drunk drivers who hit our car (ya that actually happened the first night were in the big city), it was our perspective that kept us from thinking it was a bad decision.

However, it’s been 11 months since we arrived, and last month I was feeling a bit bummed about city living.  I started focusing on the crowds, the traffic, the commute, blah, blah, blah, and I then one day, I heard myself being such a downer and it made me stop and roll my eyes, because I thought it was so lame that I was complaining

So I decided to do a quick stock take of all the awesome since arriving in Auckland, and when I did, I realised that I was even more lame than I thought initially, because I really did have a lot to be grateful for.  I had opportunities to enjoy things living in Auckland, and I was allowing the little things get in the way.

Here’s my stocktake:

  • We live right on the water
  • The summer we had was exceptional
  • I got to go swimming after work at the beach all summer
  • I am lucky enough to take the ferry to work everyday, and it’s so reliable. And once I’m in the city, all I have to do is take a 15 minute walk up the street to get to work
  • I am able to visit any number of cafes across the city and try out any number of awesome dishes
  • We have re-connected with old friends that have moved to Auckland and we have made new friends to share experiences with
  • I have seen so many awesome shows: Circolombia, Group F, Beyonce, Cirque du Soleil, Wicked, Wayne Brady, Russell Peters and we’ve already got tickets to see Jack Johnson and Eminem this summer
  • I’ve attended the Auckland Arts Festival, the Fringe Festival, the Readers & Writers Festival, New Zealand Film Festival, the Lantern Festival
  • My husband met one of his favourite authors, Raymond E. Fiest, and I got to see one of my favourite authors speak, Dr. Libby Weaver
  • Even in the city I have the opportunity to go stand up paddle boarding
  • My yoga studio is only five minutes away from my work
  • My rheumatology specialist is only 15 minutes away from home (previously I had to drive 3 hours to see my specialist)
  • Just an hour drive away from the city and I tried surfing for the first time in seven years
  • We were lucky enough to go on holiday to Queenstown and the Waiarapa
Shredder in Backyard

This picture always cracks me up. It’s our cat, Shredder, in our backyard. Totally looks like he posed for a picture while on holiday. Yet another thing that’s awesome about our move, we live in a nice neighbourhood that is safe for our cat too.

So there you have it, off the top of my head, I could do a stock take and it was better than complaining about the four or five really lame things that were getting me down.

Doing the stock take was a real eye opener for me. I realised that I was letting myself get bummed about something that wasn’t worth feeling bummed about.  It gave me an opportunity to reflect on all that was awesome and it helped reset my frame of mind, so I could appreciate what I had around me.

I do miss the South Island and all the wonderful things to do, the people, our friends and family, but the North Island has been good to both of us too and it’s nice to miss the South Island and look back at our time there with fondness.