It’s been a while since I donated my time and I decided that I should.  There have been many different ideas rattling round but I decided I wanted to do something soon.  I submitted to Wanderlust in the City for Auckland and thankfully, they accepted me.  I’ll be helping out at the festival, and this to me is just awesome. I’ve been super psyched about Wanderlust hitting our shores and have thought about how much I want to go.  When I started to think about volunteering, I didn’t immediately think to do it for Wanderlust, because I wanted to attend, and then I realised, wouldn’t it be great to attend by giving? I decided to change what I think I wanted my Wanderlust experience to be, and I want to help the organisers put on a great event, and I want to positively impact attendees too.

I definitely need to think harder about my time this year and how I can make time to volunteer some more this year.

I’m now considering how else I can help out, starting with my hair.  I think I might chop and donate it before the end of this year.  Lastly, I will continue to donate to the organisations that my husband and I have already nominated.



Wanderlust Auckland

Recently added to the Wanderlust Auckland experience is the one day Yoga in the City event next year in March, held at Western Springs Park. 

My understanding is that there is going to be a big four day Wanderlust in NZ for 2015, and may be in the Taupo region, who knows.

I really enjoy yoga, but attending something like this is a bit out of my comfort zone; so of course, I’m trying to lean into the idea of attending.

At the very least, it couldn’t be a bad experience and at the very best it could be a very fascinating one.

Check out this video from the creators of Wanderlust as they talk about their NYC in the city event.